1view is a point of view

Consistent, sometimes brave, but always putting your brand first. It’s also the visibility your brand needs – otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this text 😉

1view was founded in 2014 – we come from different companies, we have diverse experiences, but our passion and creativity joined us. We complement each other with absolutely everything: competences, vocabulary, the skill of the graphic artist’s stylus, or even the length of the beard. Sometimes we would even like to argue, but how to do it if we always have 1view…? The most common motto we use is: NO LIMITS.

Who we are

We combine the competences of a graphic studio, an advertising and interactive agency, and we eat briefs for breakfast.

What we do

We are not only fearless but also communicative. We cooperate with media houses, production houses, constructors and even manufacturers of pen caps. We are not afraid of sharp teeth of 'globals'- our projects are located all over the world!

Our team

We are not afraid of anything, one for all - all for one! We are a close-knit and committed team for which nothing is impossible.

Want to know more?

You don't know how to bite your campaign, event or advertising spot? Don’t bite – throw us a brief to gobble up!

1view creates projects that are unforgettable


Our projects can be both transferred to a flash drive and conveyed by trucks – see for yourself:

Design & Motion

We are addicted to what is beautiful (after all, there is a pretty good work of ART in our ranks) and amazing. In addition to the obvious KV projects and visual identification, we specialize in 3D models, animations and animated presentations with sound that contradict the laws of physics. Don't leave us without the latter if you want to steal the heart and budget of a global team!


If we say that in digital we are NO LIMITS, will we be boring?? Since we've done everything, it’ll be tiresome to list our skills, so we recommend pasting the following into the Ivona speech synthesizer - at least you'll have a laugh:<br /> Web design, web development, Websites optimized for SEO; social media: Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok; Rich Content, banners, newsletters, and many others!


We say with full responsibility that we have no equals in setting the events. From designing advertising stands to the craziest gadgets that will inevitably become the subject of a multi-million auction due to their unique intellectual, visual and technological value (open the book and .... YouTube will respond).<br /> Our hobbyhorses are technological innovations, which is why we are passionate about taking your events to the next level using 3D mapping. We guarantee you that the competition will be green with envy!<br /> Ah.. and of course we forgot about NO LIMITS - we are limited only by the area of your stand. You have 100 meters? Well - been there done that!


We are not afraid of anything, one for all – all for one! We are a close-knit and committed team for which nothing is impossible.

Before we write a few words about each of us, we must warn you: the slogan NO LIMITS did not come out of nowhere. We are a mix of hyperactive introverts, if we were a pop culture character, we would be a cross between Paul Pfeiffer and Chewbacca.


Co-Founder & Co-Owner

12 years in an advertising agency, which means that there is no project that she has not seen, a brief she has not read, a supplier that she has not worked with and a client that she has not drunk coffee with. She is currently a Red Bull woman: gives wings to strategies, tweaks creations, ties up social media, and after hours (i.e. on the eighth day of the week) she unwinds during a relaxing ... mud ride on an MTB bike. That’s a spitting image of a Client Service Director, but let's make a deal ... our whole industry is a roller-coaster ride.


Co-Founder & Co-Owner

this is our lady of the picture. An Art Director with ten years of experience, in 1view, ``sews`` KV for strategies and supervises all visual elements and animations that come out of our emails. We don't know which fun fact about her will be more attractive, so we'll tell you about both: Teri's favourite muppet is The Great Gonzo and she doesn't like ice swimming.


Art Director

a general graphic designer in 1view. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, artist, painter. If we were the Louvre, he would be the Mona Lisa, because he is a pretty good work of ART.


Video Producer

We don't know how long he’s been working in the industry, because his long beard makes it impossible to assess his age. Just in case, we count him in the senior rates.



A constructor and a Yeti man. He climbs both stands and ladders several meters high, as well as mountains and volcanoes. If he doesn't answer his phone, don't worry - his phone most likely fell into the lava.


Demolition Man



Ania Seroczyńska
+48 502 653 982

Design inquiries:

Teresa Juchnicka
+48 506 415 058


ul. Hetmańska 40/200
(2nd floor)
15-727 Białystok


ul. Legionowa 9/1 lok. 106
15-281 Białystok
VAT TAX NO: PL5423237717

invoicing e-mail address:


People in 1view are passionate and experienced. They are creative, open-minded, they are proffesional, always caring about high standards of their works. We are very pleased with years of cooperation. We look forward to work with them on new projects, both local and international..

Dorota Socik

Museum - Dom Rodziny Pileckich - Head of the board